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Bridging the PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL Bodies


What are you really hungry for? “ I can tell you its not that cupcake or the krispy kreme…. Youre hungry for something deeper☺ 


Mastering your Hormones and Healing our Emotions

Why you are stuck...

Heres one thing I know…. In the industry of hormones and weightloss- we have missed a very important part of the equation . 


We have forgotten that 95 % of all of our habits, patterns and behaviours stem from the subconscious mind- which are run by our emotions!!



Therefore it's not about your willpower. Its the programming in your mind running your show around FOOD, Lifestyle and BODY .



 This is why diets or other programs make temporary shortchanges…. but never the less- end up back into old habits and patterns

Work with me privately to break these habits and heal the body....


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