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Find your inner Buddha

Find your inner Buddha ! But really..... why would we want to surrender to this !? I taught a class last PM on Leaky Gut - and I gotta say the class started off in the wrong direction — with technology issues , no Access to power point , just me - 25 students and a good ol chalkboard !! ‍The cool thing was I just surrendered to the class and what I was actually there to teach about turned out we were meant to talk about a lot more then just #leakygut ——-the conversation became about finding your WHY behind Food choices - finding your WHY behind #weightloss —Finding your WHY behind#healing or reversing #disease #addiction etc When your WHY is clear and important enough ppl will start making changes — lasting changes — HINT your why is not “ losing weight for vacation “ YOU have to go DEEPER then that - it’s totally OK for there to be physical wants for every person looking to change eating , lifestyle and body - but TRUE choices and behaviours will @change and be consistent when the DRIVING FORCE a behind it is clear , important. Some will be diagnosed with cancer , heart disease , depression before deciding to make a change. Blog up about finding your inner Buddha and releasing the need to control everything - in my world this is seen as weight - healing - food etc.

1. Make some time for yourself

What do you do for self love? Bath , meditation, coffee with a friend etc. This is very important to "fill your cup" That way you can fill others around you.

2. Breathe

Everything works better in life when we breathe. From a physical sense our cells get the oxygen they need to work better, our heart rate becomes regular, our digestion improves and our cortisol and stress hormones balance. We remind ourselves of the abundance around us, oxygen is given in an moment of our breathe. Life breathes life.

3. Present to the moment - Surrender

In any given situation- if you feel like your losing " control ", remember we actually don’t HAVE control over anything, or anyone. Our only job is to stay present and choose how we want to react in any given situation. I often fall into the thought/belief of " EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR ME, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD " , this allows us to surrender and receive the next direction or step from our higher consciousness.

4. EAT mindfully

Slow down , smell your food, taste your food, when you are fuelling your body , do ONLY THIS ! NO Instagram and eating:))), Take the time to nourish yourself , and redevelop your relationship to food. When we take the time to fully be with our food, bless our food, set intentions with our food , we will have a very different relationship to our food- ie make better food choices, stick to our goals

5. Set intentions

this one is a funny one, bc although we set intentions for our day, our meal, our classes, our health, we also need to fully detach from the end result. Knowing again that " EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR ME, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD ."

Heres an example of setting an intention:you can make it your intention to feel loved today, by yourself and those around you;—today you will feed off that love. Maybe you want to feel healthy, so seek to feed your body and mind with good food and elevated energy.

6. Get reconnected to your TRUE SELF- here is where the WHY will be revealed

Get quiet, get clear and ask yourself : in my perfect body - what do i feel like, move like, look like, sleep like, talk like, dream like, eat like, THINK like???? And get to writing--- allow this ideal image of your true HEALTHY self to come through- read that every day - every night before bed.

Find your inner Buddha- for true transformation.

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