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Find your inner Buddha

Find your inner Buddha ! But really..... why would we want to surrender to this !? I taught a class last PM on Leaky Gut - and I gotta say the class started off in the wrong direction — with technology issues , no Access to power point , just me - 25 students and a good ol chalkboard !! ‍The cool thing was I just surrendered to the class and what I was actually there to teach about turned out we were meant to talk about a lot more then just #leakygut ——-the conversation became about finding your WHY behind Food choices - finding your WHY behind #weightloss —Finding your WHY behind#healing or reversing #disease #addiction etc When your WHY is clear and important enough ppl will start making changes — lasting changes — HINT your why is not “ losing weight for vacation “ YOU have to go DEEPER then that - it’s totally OK for there to be physical wants for every person looking to change eating , lifestyle and body - but TRUE choices and behaviours will @change and be consistent when the DRIVING FORCE a behind it is clear , important. Some will be diagnosed with cancer , heart disease , depression before deciding to make a change. Blog up about finding your inner Buddha and releasing the need to control everything - in my world this is seen as weight - healing - food etc.

1. Make some time for yourself

What do you do for self love? Bath , meditation, coffee with a friend etc. This is very important to "fill your cup" That way you can fill others around you.