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Tools for Optimal Sleep ...zzz

The #1 practice that allowed me to find my balance again post partum was SLEEP.

Understanding the importance of sleep is crucial to understanding the axis balance in our physical mental and emotional beings.

Sleep can affect hormones, mindset, mood balance and blood sugar. It can control how we look , feel and act and NEEDS to be prioritized in our lives for optimal health

My sleep regime, has changed over the years, this is the one that works best for me:

1. Magnesium - the number one most relaxing mineral on the planet. This mineral does over 400 enzymatic processes in the body, its def. one that needs to be taken in supplement form, as our foods today just do not hold the adequate amount for our bodies needs. I use Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate- and make this as a tea before bed. I chose this method- versus a pill or capsule, because it causes me to take " time " to boil the water and drink- slowing down for the evening.