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The new COCAINE addiction of 2018

Its crazy to think yes, there is a drug that surrounds us all day , every day in 99 % of what most people eat in the processed food world. SUGAR - MMMMMMMMMMMMMM - SUGAR baby! YEP , so many clients of mine are always struggling with this one addiction. They say something like

"no matter what i do , as soon as i have one bite of sugar , i'm RIGHT BACK on the sugar train ."

There is a scientific explanation for this ! Yes, thats right , science !

If you see the photo below- you'll be able to see where certain sections of the human brain light up.

Can you see the clear connection - The affect that cocaine has on the receptor sites in the brain are similar to those of cocaine. ?

Sugar acts the same way a drug would lighting up , or numbing different sensory nodules in the brain. It can hit pleasure centres and create a release of dopamine within the body , causing an addictive pattern. When someone is detoxing off sugar, they can expect to have withdrawal symptoms, similar to that of an individual getting off cocaine.

So knowing there is a CHEMICAL connection and addiction behind your sugar habit, may create more of an understanding and compassionate approach to you breaking that sugar habit once and for all !



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