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When going LOW CARB is a NO GO

I recently ( even as a holistic practitioner) have been going through this journey of low to moderate carb intake. This frustrating , "hangry" journey can leave one feeling totally defeated, with all the back and forth, contrasting evidence in regards to carbohydrates and how they need to fit into your daily diet.

With the Keto Diet being all the rage right now, people are obsessed with HFLC HIGH FAT LOW CARB , generally keeping their carb intake at less then 20 grams per day .


Research shows that there are different variations of CARBS, some that the body can actually benefit from, and others can send us into a downward spiral with our fat storing, PMS causing hormones! (thank you very much to the family of pastries!)

We have seen certain conditions, like Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid imbalances and HPA Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal dysregulation being three conditions that actually are supported better with the integration of GENTLE CARBS in moderate amounts.

We have to start looking at the nervous system and the HPA axis, and focus on how to keep this system nourished and balanced, so proper cortisol, neurotransmitter function can happen.

This is usually the ROOT issue for most adrenal dysfunction , and over- active nervous systems.

Our systems have to work harder, putting more of a stress our HPA axis when we restrict carbohydrate consumption to low levels.

Im not recommending a high carbohydrate diet, ( all about balancing blood sugar for hormonal balance ) but focusing more on the RIGHT carbohydrates.

For the purpose of keeping this blog post simple and clear we will break it into two categories, GENTLE CARBS and UN-GENTLE CARBS.

Gentle carbs include non glutenous grains, ie rice and potato,( Anti Inflammatory , do not cause insulin spikes or stress hormones to be released)

Un-gentle carbs include glutenous grains and Concentrated Fructose or sugar ( promoting inflammatory response, and insulin spikes- causing us to store fat)

A lot of research shows that moderate intake of gentle carbs actually promotes healthier levels of sleep, promotes more GABA production , and healthier levels of cortisol secretion.

They key it to focus on gentle carbs ( glucose ) instead of fructose, and combining them properly with a source of clean protein and a fat. Example would be 1/4 cup wild rice, 1 can wild tuna, 1 tsp ghee, and some sauteed arugula.

What are your thoughts on the low carb diet ?

Remember not every diet fits every person.

so go eat some carbs....


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